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Thread: Singaporeans and Perth

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    I wasn't making comparisions of crime rates with SG since I believe that wasn't relevant. No doubt crime-rates in SG (from what I've heard) have became worst especially in recent years. Anyway, rather, I was comparing Perth (see OP) with other major Australian cities; and since Perth is generally perceived to be a lot "safer" (though perhaps not necessary true, and especially after scaling wrt to population density?).

    There were also news of daylight gang-rape incidents, and certainly plenty of bashings/muggings here in Perth, or whathaveyou, too; but it was not in my motivation to make a comprehensive list of reported incidents over here. Anyhow, what I've previously stated were simply my peception based upon my own personal experience; having stayed here in Perth for more than 5 years already. As the saying goes, the grass always look greener on the other side. i.e. Right now Melbourne looks a hell lot more appealing to me. But my own advise (to caution myself or anyone) would be to do more research and listen to experiences/views of as many people as possible before deciding to move.

    And one can always find another country with worst crime-rates for the sake of comparison, but that wasn't the only "focus" of my post anyway. The positives points are those which are frequently stated; and my intention was to provide some counter-balancing views. The grass always seem to be greener on the other side as frequently said.

    To be fair, racism certain exist in Singapore (or anywhere else) too, however in a comparatively more subtle way IMO due to the more "reserved" nature of many people (?) whereas Perth people are more "open" in the expression of their opinions. Further, Perth is considerably a lot less "dead" compared to when I first came, perhaps due to significant immigrations; thus enabling the shops to be opened till much later (once every week), and even on weekends now (till 5pm).
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    Point taken...
    There are definitely crooks and low-lifes everywhere...
    if only there was a place to dump them altogether so they can crook each other instead of innocent, hardworking people. I guess the Brits had that idea a hundred years ago - LOL!
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