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Thread: Guitar Day @ SOFT Gathering - 3 May 2008

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    Guitar Day @ SOFT Gathering - 3 May 2008

    3 May 2008
    *scape Youth Centre
    Co-presented by SOFT and terraBox
    Equipment Sponsor: Blackwood Guitars - Your Guitar Boutique - Home
    Drum Sponsor: ::: Pro Musique Products :::

    Shern Wong + Malik + Addy Rasidi + Rosli Mansor

    Guest Presenter: Shern Wong (1 – 2pm)
    Shern Wong grew up listening to ABBA and the Bee Gees and discovered electric guitar and rock music at age 17. His previous experiences include playing with his band in the inaugural SuperBand competition and playing for Rosli Mansor since the latter’s album debut. During his segment, Shern will touch on harmonised chord progression: the basics, types, uses and examples. - Shern Wong - SG - Rock -

    Malik (2 – 3pm)
    Malik’s name is well-recognised by fans of band MALEX and he is no stranger to many across the Causeway and in Indonesia. Having picked up the electric guitar since he was a teenager and released his first album in the early ‘90s, Malik made a successful comeback with his current band after a hiatus. He will share his journey as a guitarist, from his first album to his reluctant hiatus and the reasons for his return and how he made his comeback.

    Blackwood Guitars (3 – 3.30pm) Blackwood Guitars - Your Guitar Boutique - Offline

    Addy Rasidi (3.30 - 4.30pm)
    He is an endorsee for DiMarzio and Ibanez and has released two albums with his band CRADLE and his solo album during his music career. Addy Rasidi has worked with several veterans in the local music scene such as John Molina, Douglas Oliveiro and the band Jive Talking. His segment will cover in details about the basics and techniques of guitar playing. - Addy Rasidi - SG - Rock / Pop -

    Rosli Mansor (4.30pm)
    Having covered rhythm dynamics and grooving in the first guitar workshop, Rosli continues from where he stopped and will touch on ‘the sauce’ and the important components of music composition: the three Ms. Those who missed the first workshop don’t have to worry being lost as Rosli will briefly reintroduce what he covered earlier. If you are starting on music composition, this is one segment you will not miss. - Rosli Mansor - "NEW BORN" - SG - Rock -

    FRETBOARD FRENZY, the brainchild of instrumentalist Rosli Mansor and produced by terraBox, aims to provide a platform to showcase local experienced and aspiring musicians with a common factor: their unbridled passion for the fretboard. - Fretboard Frenzy - All - Rock - - Fretboard Frenzy - All - Rock -

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    YES AH!!!!! was waiting for the part 2. plus this time got ADDY CRADLE!
    the big FOUR-


    metal lives through their apprentices.....

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    This gonna be great!!

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    WOOO!!! i am soooo gonna be there!!!

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    as per normal... 1st row seats for me!!! die die take off!!!
    hahahahaa hey simon that tyme u did awsome showcase..
    + winztrumentalist +
    :Guitar Madness:
    *Ibanez 350ex* *Ibanez Gsa Custom* *Custom Made Jem*

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    Hello to my brother of rock.

    I wish u guys good luck, good luck to Addy, good Luck to Mansor Good luck to Malik also to Shern wong may god bless u all the best.

    I try to set free time to visit u all there.

    From former 80s rock band
    Black sept

    understanding above all


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    POWER Line-ups
    Singapores very own Guitar Gods.....

    i like the poster by the way...

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    haha! thanks thanks! but this is the solid one! cant wait cant wait!!!

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    Wish i was there...

    What an awesome line up. It's about time Singapore recognized talent. If only i could be there. Rock on.

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    expect lotsa great tips left-right-center-corner and every bit we need to knoe on guitar technics and such.

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