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Thread: HH Raw Bell Dry Ride

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    HH Raw Bell Dry Ride

    Hey I realised this page is quite dead as compared to the guitar and bass reviews in this section. Why not we try to make this section alive? After all, IMO, drum reviews SHOULD be one of the most posted sections isn't it?

    Everybody feel free to post comments or reviews about it! If you tried the ride before, or heard anything about it just feel free to post.

    I own this cymbal.
    - Wonderful stick definition
    - Dry and well-defined sticking
    - Provides a solid groove whether it's for the 8th notes and clear and cutting enough for quarter notes.
    - Sticking is brighter nearer to the bell and gets darker towards the edge of bow
    - Bell is very cutting and has this funky vibe to it. (Those who tried it will know!)
    - Suitable for most genres but may not cut it in a jazz setting.

    You drumming brothers out there, do write reviews if you got any killer gear in your opinion but start a new thread! So that all of us can refer to that thread if we want to check a particular cymbal or gear!

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    agreed, i never knew such a section existed!
    Make music.

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    very nice. got inspiration to do up a couple of reviews now haha. did you ship this in, or got it from a SL sale?

    btw, most drum gear reviews are in the Drums: Gear section lol.
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    Yeah jeepers, I noticed the gear section has some queries but this is the DRUM/PERCUSSION reviews so shouldn all the gear reviews be done here? I hope I inspired more to come up to do reviews, preferably with pictures! I din buy from the SL sale, I think I got this near to 600 from SL on a regular day.

    OK back to the HH Raw Bell Dry Ride, comments and inputs everybody!

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    wowowo!!!!hhrbdr!!!!!it was used by martin lopez for the band opeth....not forgetting phil collins...yea man..great stick defination.....bell is awesome!!!!!
    love the of the best sounding rides i've ever played..!!!!!

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    I own the Phil Collins sig HH RBDR.. which to my understanding has been discontinued and replaced by the HH RBDR (less P.C's signature)

    it's really amazing
    I've been using Ks and HHs and prefer the darker tones, yet wants something that cuts as I ride...
    the bell is amazing too... well defined warm cutting ping

    the only downside I would say is that you prob can't crash ride on this 21" monster
    but hey, overall I would say it's really versatile -
    and yes, the decay is pretty fast, thus I agree with drumsolo86 that this is prob not that suitable for jazz, but I won't be surprised to see this pass off at a jazz gig

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    Yes the only downside is that this ride cant be crash ridden on, it lets out a fierce growly gong when u try to crash hard on it! I've started on this ride for some time, it makes me forget after some time that rides can be crashed upon too since this one can't be crashed!

    But what this ride brings is its dark, warm stick sound. It gets amazingly darker towards the bow of the ride. It sounds really good for the 8th notes pattern, and lately I've been experimenting bit with jazz and Latin as well. It does nicely for jazz too with its dry and dark sticking sounds for brushes and rods as well!

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