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    Traben Array Limited 5

    Traben Array Limited 5
    List: S$1100

    Many of you might wonder where this brand originated from. They are a little known brand from USA and they make good looking (subjective to each individual) basses with various configurations and their patented large bridge design that adds better tone and sustain. You can check out their other basses at Welcome to Traben Bass Company // Bigger Bridge = Bigger Tone. Now on to the review.

    This is a Korean made monster of a bass. I got mine about a year ago and have been loving it. The spalted maple top really stands out and makes it look more expensive than it really is (doesn't mean it isn't good). The rosewood on the fingerboard is dark and smooth, together with the abalone dot inlays and jumbo frets, makes this bass a real good player. It has a 5 piece neck (maple/walnut/maple/walnut/maple). Shape of the neck is reminiscent of fast playing Ibanez SR series, but a little wider. What makes this bass a little different, if not better than some others in the price range are these features that are listed below:

    1. Dual truss-rod (graphite reinforced)
    2. 35" scale for 5 string (34" for 4 string)
    3. Chrome plated brass nut
    4. Brass bridge for enhanced tone and sustain (Bigger Bridge = Bigger Tone specialty)
    5. Combo of humbucker and MM type pickups for a powerful tone
    6. Full active 3 band EQ
    7. Grover tuners that holds tune very well
    8. 5 bolt neck and body joint
    9. Basswood body with exotic spalted maple top
    10. String thru body for added sustain

    Weight distribution is good...not too heavy like an American made Fender or German made Warwicks, but still a hefty weight nonetheless. After changing to Dunlop strap locks, this didn't become an issue at all. Do remember to get a thick and comfortable strap.

    Rating: 95%

    After playing Ibanez, Fender, Warwick and a few other entry level basses, I feel that this baby sits the most comfortable on my lap. Most of the weight is towards the body so I don't experience any neck dive. When I got it brand new, the action was really high and the relief was too much. I spent 2 weeks adjusting and letting the neck set to the new string tensions (B string at 0.125), it stayed perfect ever since. The stability of the neck is mostly attributed to the graphite reinforced dual truss rods. The strings that the bass came with were pretty much dead and the tone was just plain flat. After swapping them out to DR Long Necks, the tone was a world of difference. I can dial in power metal tones on this as well as mellow jazz warmth. The versatility on this baby is pretty amazing. But of course me being a guy who loves to mod, I've swapped out the preamp for an Aguilar OBP-3, which made this a much better sounding bass. Still deciding on swapping out the pickups.

    Test amps : Ibanez SW35, SWR Workingman 12, GK Backline 112

    Rating: 90%

    Final words
    Traben has yet to establish it's brand in many countries, but from what I gather when playing this bass, they build quality stuff with a reasonable price tag. Artistes who endorses Traben are relatively unknown here but Bootsy Collins should be rather known around the world. I'm sure glad that I got this and could safely say that I've got the only piece here in Singapore. I won't be drooling for another bass for a rather long time.

    Final rating: 93%

    Availability: Resolution (located at Sunshine Plaza, ground floor)

    - Playability/tone
    - Price
    - that cool menacing look
    - features

    - Does not come with any bag or accessories
    - nothing else really.....

    Worthy competitor:
    - Fender Active Jazz 5
    - Ibanez SRX705
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