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Thread: Playing Original songs

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    billy sheehan states often that he knows very little music theory, and plays by feel. he's written a solo album in which he sings, plays guitar and bass, and they are good, catchy rock songs with strong hooks and intricate instrumentation.

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    i cant believe i missed this thread. quite a mouthful actually. woot woot. nah.. no comments from me. at least for now...

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    thats why i love!!!
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    a WOB thread?

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    Quote Originally Posted by visa View Post
    billy sheehan & nirvana & hendrix
    The thing with these guys is that they've got the musical experience. They don't need the theory. But our local dudes on the other hand have neither put in the time nor the inclination to expand their musicality.

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    play what the chicks dig.

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    Look at it on the bright side? If there No shitty orignals the will be no good ones? hahahahah
    Theory can help u to compose better songs but not compose better melody or tunes. I think the prob here is this is a senseless post haahha. ( 1st post )
    Music Is Universal , Keep it real!

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    Quote Originally Posted by metal police View Post
    So those who think playing originals r the big deal in gigs....well get a grip...your songs sucks big time!!!Dnt expect people to enjoy at gigs!!!Sell ur songs and make it popular first b4 acting cool like your songs sound good!!
    Isn't playing originals at gigs a way of selling and promoting your songs. Self-contradiction. -.-


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    My assumptions are not baseless.

    I have my own personal gauges on what is good and what is bad music, I've went through this with mr soft before. Catchy does not mean good, alot of music flying around today are essentially un-artistic forms of music, therefore it is not good in the terms I use to judge music. I'm a metalhead, but I still openly diss alot of metal, because I know that kind of rubbish even the best metal bands can come up with, hell, theres even classical rubbish.

    Yes I agree having good theory does not necessarily make you a good songwriter, but I think that good theory forms the basis for good songwriting that incorporated both technicality and musicality into the same piece.

    Mainstream rock bands? Well, where are they compared to the likes of Dream Theater? or Symphony X? That is technically proficient.

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    Quote Originally Posted by panz3rr View Post
    if im not mistaken, george benson doesnt know how to read notes. or was it some other killer guitarist.
    yeahh , ive heard about it too. forgot which guitarist .
    but i knew he was godlike.
    just didnt know how to read notes.
    Sammath Sathanas
    In Metal , I Trust.

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