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Thread: Chinese song drum tabs!

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    Chinese song drum tabs!

    Hi everyone!

    I do not know if this topic has been posted before. My apologies if it has. Anyways, I have a hard time trying to find drum tabs for popular chinese songs. =( It seems that there are very limited or practically no such resources for such drum tabs.

    Hence, I am wondering if anyone has any good websites or places to recommend which provide/sell drum tabs for popular chinese songs? For example, songs from Jay Chou, Mayday, F.I.R etc.

    Would greatly appreciate any help at all... Thanks!

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    Actually the reason y there r nt many resources to find drum tabs is because most drummers learn the song by their ears. Maybe u could try to tab it out urself and if u have some parts tt u can figure out, u can ask ur frens who r drummers or u can even brin it dwn to the nxt Drum Xchange to let us help u figure out. cheers!

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    yup chinese song drums are pretty straight forward i guess.
    or ask us softies lah! haha
    u try first figure out, write out the tabs show us den we tell u where we think should change.
    but seriously u should just play a song according to your own style bah no need copy all the way like original version
    get what i mean right

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    Oh I see I see.

    Many many thanks! Now I understand/know why. You guys are really a very helpful bunch.

    Appreciated! =)

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    Np Bro! If u can find time this sat come dwn for the 11th Drum Xchange at scape, u can learn a lot more!

    Goodluck in drumming!

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    I dunno where to find scores for chinese songs, but i did do a transcription of Jay Chou's "Cai Hong" for my sch's guitar club, so if you ever want that song for some reason, let me know...

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    Re: Chinese song drum tabs!

    bringing up this v old thread.

    I am having a hard time too looking for drum tabs for popular chinese songs. any sifus here can advise. Learn drumming by listening is really not for beginner like me. i find it slow, frustrating at time and gave up most of the time, with drum tabs its so much easier.

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    Re: Chinese song drum tabs!

    learn to transcribe drum score. after 2 song u can transcribe most chinese ballad or pop song. do it with a drum teacher who do it slowly with you and show you the rope. thats how i learn since as you said there arent many drum score out there like chords. the first time is very tedious it will gets easier once you actually do it

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    Re: Chinese song drum tabs!

    Hey guys!

    Could you guys kindly do a survey on song transcription?
    I'm trying to build a transcription app so all your help would be greatly appreciated


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