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Thread: SOFT is growing (13th on

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    Wooo. Soft's like the best thing thats ever happened to local musicians online..
    darn crunchy rolll. people rather watch dramas then play music. wth! cheers soft!

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    at least we know soft pwned sammyboy. Hehehe.

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    HAHH! Congrats Soft!! i love this webbie!

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    What's this sammyboy? A food fourm?? =D

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    Congrats...Hope it can reach number one soon!

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    mine too! haha. although i ve got a few homepages, soft is one of the tabs that i keep perpetually open
    Make music.

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    soft is one of my homepage tabs.

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    hahaha. Seems like soft has stolen the homepage tab from many softies. Including me

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    soon the whole singapore will know James have short hair. :P

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