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Thread: Fav Local Guitarist.

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    Definitely Brandon Gan.
    Musik ist krieg

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    Effendi S, he doesn't go by that name online though. He's a riff machine ala Adam D style, although he tries so hard to deny it.

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    Bryan Chang , Shotgunstart

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    Johnny Psycho!

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    Field from caraboys.

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    The lead guitarist of Meza Virs.

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    Thanks for the mention.

    My favs are,

    Rosli Mansor
    Clinto Carnegie
    Addy Cradle
    Christopher Chen

    For those interested, this is a short video i did of one of my practice sessions about two days ago. YouTube - Rock fusion practice 2

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    Rosli Mansor!!!!

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    Sean Cheng (Ronin)
    Marcus (Vertical Rush)
    Sanjeev (The Suns)
    Mark John (Allura)
    Field (Caracal)
    SK (Peepshow)
    Dharma & Erik (WGB)
    Don (Astroninja/Syawla Evol)
    Josh & John (The Fire Fight)
    The guys from Slate

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    SK of peepshow, awesome melodic stuff dat really adds to the song

    Erick of WGB, the way he rocks out is kool

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