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Thread: Fav Local Guitarist.

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    my favorite is Calvin Chiang of Raspatul & Obliterhate

    This is Obliterhate's Line-up:

    Calvin Chiang (Raspatul) - Guitars
    Dan Swano (Nightingale, ex-Edge Of Sanity, ex-Bloodbath) - Vocals
    Erik Sayenga (Warthrone, ex-Dying Fetus) - Drums
    Derrick Ramirez (Dragonlord, ex-Testament) - Bass
    Mirai Kawashima (Sigh, Necrophagia) - Keyboards
    James Murphy (Disincarnate, ex-Death, ex-Testament) - Guest guitar solo

    cool huh

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    hands down that dude who plays guitars for Drvn.

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    Phenomenal shredder! ex. Scream In Silence/Scarlett Aftermath

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    Justin Ho!!

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    The Caracal boys
    Joshua from The Fire Fight
    Erik from West Grand Boulevard
    Ahmad from Silhouette
    Chuck from Barricade

    I always like watching these guys live.
    Burn the witch.

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    Joshua from The Fire Fight and A Vacant Affair

    Daniel Sassoon (ex-Electrico)

    Yu Junhong from Gloria . That dude is pretty mindblowing.

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