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Thread: Fav Local Guitarist.

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    Fav Local Guitarist.

    hello people of soft. name me your favourite guitarist. hahaha and i will tabulate the number votes that each of the guitarist received. hahahaha this is just for fun to find out who you think is no.1 in your heads, be it in covers or improvisation.or just someone who has great potential. cheers (: here's my vote. feel free to voice out why!

    1. Dhalif.

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    Rosli Mansor!!xd

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    brandon gan aka nanoshred
    Music is like sweets, we must get rid of the rappers

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    B Quartet's Bani Faizal and Bani Raizan....
    Like a daisy in my lazy eye

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    Rosli Mansor,
    Paul Danial,

    + winztrumentalist +
    :Guitar Madness:
    *Ibanez 350ex* *Ibanez Gsa Custom* *Custom Made Jem*

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    Nahar ov Arbitrary Element and Darren Chua from Absence ov the sacred!

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    Rosli Mansor!

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    my vote goes to john chee, he plays at crazy elephant

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    Rosli Mansor
    Addy Rasidi!

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    Rosliman Sor!

    And rudyscarface praabageran ahaha!

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