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Thread: List of Websites to Download Drumless Tracks From

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    List of Websites to Download Drumless Tracks From

    I'm not sure if this does warrant a new thread, but it'll certainly be a lot easier and neater. I decided to do up this thread in response to drmmr's thread: "Music to drum to.."

    I've been looking for drumless tracks to jam to on the internet as well and so far these websites have been pretty helpful. I wouldn't say each website has an extensive collection of drumless tracks, but it sure does go a long long way.

    Do add sites you feel are good too!

    So here goes:

    Vic Firth; a new track is added every week
    Drumset Playalong Track: Tommy Stewart

    Meschugge; non-english site, but very useful!

    FreeDrumLessons' drummers' own interpretations of the songs, with the drumless track mp3 included!
    Free Drum Play-Alongs for Rock, Jazz, and Latin Drumming!

    A fairly nice set of tracks, both with and without drums.
    Drum Discounters - Playalong Songs

    Ftp server with a list of drumless tracks, mainly Neil Peart stuff.
    Index of /Drumless

    A list of other websites which I have yet to check out. - The database of music minus / without drums for the drummer's play along

    More websites to come!

    Warmest regards,
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    This is one pretty useful/awesome thread man.

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    Anyone with any sites to add?

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    Thanks a lot

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    damn useful. bump thread~

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    Drumless tracks: metal, rock, blues, jazz, etc.

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    If you have your drum kit and a Rock band game set in the same place, you can put the game to no-fail mode and select songs as a drummer! The song will play without the drum track, plus you can see the game-drum chart!

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    wow thanks for your post
    If you want to slip Into a round hole ,you must make a ball of yourself

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    Great site with a very nice list of songs.

    Any more websites to recommend?
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    Haha Jeepers.. I think whoever uploaded those had the same idea as barfie. I love rockband's collection of songs. Thanks for the link dude.

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