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Thread: Please Do Not Abuse the Quote button

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    Please Do Not Abuse the Quote button

    Please Do Not abuse the Quote button when you are replying in the forum. Use it only when you are referring to a point that another user made, not quote the whole paragraph wholesale.

    i see alot of users just click the quote button and this cause multi-nested reply and it's kinda untidy.

    one good method is to address the user you are trying to make your point to. ie, "Hi SOFT! ....."

    when in doubt, use the Post Reply button!

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    SOFT : Yes Boss. I Shall Take Note. Thanks

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    I'm making it a habit to shave off the unrelated information when I quote and just leave the point/s I am addressing!

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    Is this a bandwidth issue?

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    I do shave off the bits and parts.
    It looks really stupid when you quote a long post and you are only addressing one line. :lol:

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    SOFT: I quote a lot! I apologise, I didn't know that it means a lot to you. I'll try to stop.

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    Example 1:

    wangdexian, I agree with you, it looks really stupid.

    Example 2:

    Quote Originally Posted by wangdexian
    ...It looks really stupid...

    "life is what happens when you embrace the unexpected"

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    Sorry about that Soft.
    Guitars are overrated.

    Paradiddlediddlediddlediddlediddlediddlediddledidd le

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    yeahh..just leaving the points is gd enuff. Wholesale is kinda big n large. Unless thtz a line or 2. Well sum r addicted just like a heavy smoker is addicted to smoking. In this case, heavy quoters! Like me! :lol:

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    Will keep an eye out when using it next.

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