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Thread: Aussie bands.

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    The Antique, anyone?

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    Postrock: sleepmakeswaves, These Hands Could Separate the Sky, Laura, Three Month Sunset (more ambience), This Is Your Captain Speaking (playing a gig tmr at East Brunswick Club, Melbourne), radiant city, Mushroom Giant, Hazards of Swimming Naked, Eleventh He Reaches London, Because of Ghosts, Pivot (more electronica)

    Metal: Karnivool, Ne Obliviscaris, Be'lakor, Black Majesty, Vampora, Vanishing Point, Agents of Abhorrence (grind), lovelovelovelove... I'm Dead (grind), Cog

    Rock: Sleep Parade, Rook, Mammal, The Butterfly Effect, Dead Letter Circus, Tinman, Nucleus, Alaska Ratio, MM9, Martin Martini & The Bone Palace Orchestra

    Yes, I'm addicted to my gigs. Haha.

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    sleepmakeswaves just blew my mind when I found out about them, though I'm not usually a post Rock guy.

    I'd say you could just find an aussie band on myspace and start looking at their friends lists to find more good stuff. Ne Obliviscaris is up and coming (or up and come), as with Be'lakor, LORD, etc.

    Rock tends to be harder to find though, due to the profusion of Metal (not always a bad thing considering contemporary rock now) but some good ones are Medussa, Wolfmother and Sedition.

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    Some Contributions:

    Carpathian (Mel)
    Extortion (Per)
    Break Even (Per)
    50 Lions (Per)
    Mindsnare (Mel)
    Ire (Mel)
    Battletruk (Per)
    Hopeless (Mel)
    Hardluck (Can)
    Straight Jacket Nation (Mel)
    Concrete Street
    Dropsaw (SYD)
    Ill Brigade
    Miles Away (Per)

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    Couple of oldies

    Cold Chisel:
    Bow River

    Midnight Oil:
    Short Memory
    Knife's Edge (Live)

    Paul Kelly (Australia's Bob Dylan):
    Leaps and Bounds
    To Her Door

    We Can Get Together
    Electric Blue

    Hunters And Collectors:
    Say Goodbye
    Throw Your Arms Around Me

    John Farnham!:
    You're The Voice

    Hoodoo Gurus:
    What's My Scene?

    Solid Rock

    Crowded House (Yes I know Neil Finn is a New Zealander but the rest of the band were Aussies!):
    Don't Dream It's Over (Hey Now Hey Now)

    Surprised so many people mentioned John Farnham, I thought I was the only person who knew who he was! I used to play the bagpipes, and my teacher was the guy who wrote and performed the bagpipe solo on You're The Voice!!

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    how about 1927

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    Karnivool FTW!

    Im a super big fan of Karnivool and Dead Letter Circus. Karnivool especially coz they are super talented in their genre. My band used to cover loads of their songs. Although not anymore though

    I'm from Singapore btw so hello Aussies!

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    Hey! Carnation are an indie psychedelic band from Melbourne, and we're embarking on an ambitious tour of Singapore in late August with local Singaporean outfit The Pinholes.

    We really hope you can get out and support us on this tour, the dates are as follows:

    27 Aug 2010 9:00pm 'Home Club' @ 'The Riverwalk’
    28 Aug 2010 9:00pm ’Blue Jazz’
    29 Aug 2010 9:00pm ’Arthouse’
    2 Sep 2010 9:00pm ’Prince Of Wales’
    4 Sep 2010 9:00pm ’Timbre’ South
    5 Sep 2010 9:00pm ’Crazy Elephant’

    Check out our sound at...

    Cheers, hope to see you soon!


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