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Thread: Guitar Day @ SOFT Gathering - 1 March 2008

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    Fretboard Frenzy@Soft Guitar Day 1st March 2008

    Hi All

    The photos of the Fretboard Frenzy are up in the gallery...feel free to view them and i'll be

    posting more when i have the time to edit them.....on the Graveyard Shift so need to get

    my ZZZZZZZ.....hope u enjoy the photos!!!

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    thanks all. just sharing what i could in an organic manner. yeah i realized i didnt play much as i had planned to. i liked what each presenter brought out, loved it guys.

    @SoulJah - thanks bro, glad u noticed that. the fire in me is far from dead.

    @Fun - yup nothing beats announcing to wifey, happy annivesary. she's responsible for me playing music till today, the least i could do to show her my appreciation. we hit 11 years on guitar day

    and yeah, the SD 100watt was just reliable plugging in directly on dirty channel. All i needed was a good OD tone on the LP. saved me the hassle of lugging my fully loaded, pedaltrain 2 case ( heavy as hell)
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    Hi to all~!

    Thank you so much to all who had contributed to this wonderful event in one way or another~! I really hope that there will be a PART II to this interesting event in the near future~! ^___^

    My only regret is that I didn't manage to come early to experience the 1st few sessions, so I've actually missed out plenty of things. However, luckily I didn't miss out everything~

    Awesome work to all you people out there~! Be it the organizers, guitar players/teachers, etc~ You all know who you are~!

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    i think there should be more guitar day / showcases like these organized. both beginners and seasoned pros get something out of them, plus because its done by musicians that live and work their way composing and making a living out of their compositions, those who have a desire to make it happen get a first hand and a direct account of what to expect, etc.
    top notch how tos with the comforting air of a laid back performance, make for an absorbing learning environment. i could only make it for rosli mansor's showcase, due to crabby work commitments. He delivered as always the technique and long time experience and showmanship that i thought really relayed back to the crowd. good job sensei! kudos to all the musicians involved as well! till the next soft gathering!!
    and remember people, rhythm rhythm rhythm!

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