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Thread: acoustic tapping?

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    acoustic tapping?

    Hi! I'm wondering if any of you know how to set up a (steel string) acoustic for tapping. When I tap the notes are super soft. I know it's not my technique as i tap fine on an electric. Any advice on how to set up the guitar to have louder tapped notes? thanks.

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    eh acoustic can tap one ah?

    i tried but zero sustain lol

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    tap hard!!!

    well i tihnk it helps alot if your guitar is amplified.
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    timothy over at living strings uses a very very gd technique at accoustic tapping...he's the man to look for if you are looking to learn that area....

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    Need to amplify and add a slight compression to get good results. Tapping really hard and clean will only yield so much, but plugiing it into a compressor and then into and amp will get it done much better.

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