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Thread: Bass Day @ SOFT Gathering - 2 Feb 2008

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    Quote Originally Posted by im-jk View Post
    time to throw away my 6 string!
    gotta *poom pah pah (slap pop!)
    Can trade it for another 6-string =P

    A 6-string bass.


    By music, for music, with music. =)

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    Wahoo.... the bass Day was great learn alot from just a single session haha... learn is one thing but having time to prac is another... :P but hey Guys thanks for all the effort in making it possible for this event to happen i greatly enjoy the session hope to see another something soon :P thanks james

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    What a wonderful gathering! Super thanks to all the presenters; Din Safari , Bani Rahman , Matnor , Wendy Phua , Melvin Wong , Anis , Alvin , Boon and Paul Daniel . They really made my life easy. I just sit there and watch them do their magic. Ha..ha..

    Was chatting with some SOFTies after the workshop and they all noted one point, "These are top notch musicians but they are all so nice and humble!" Yes, this is why we must have more of these gatherings. To get to know each others better.

    Thanks to City Music, specially; Hsin Loong, Dalif and the transport captain for sponsoring the Line6 LowDown Bass Amps.

    We also had our good friend, Cherns from Red Dot Music who brought in some nice toys for us to ogle.

    SOFTies volunteers - fuzztremecho and purplehaze3691

    *Scape - Dex and Grace

    Next month, we will have the gathering on 1 March. Seeya!

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    yesterday's clinic was very good! n tricks were shared...from playing a bass and up to using the eBay!...

    it was really inspiring to see our local greats play...not only the bassists, also drummer and guitarists...Singapore Got Talent!!!

    looking forward to the next one!

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    Thanks James for making this happen! It was indeed an awesome event and definitely should be a precursor to more shows like this. My fellow bass performers were inspiring as always and it is an honour playing alongside such bass heroes.

    And of course big thanks to all who showed up and my personal thanks to those who managed to buy a copy of my EP. Your support makes it all worthwhile.

    I will be continuing the sales of my EP on and and it contains 3 of the songs which I played at yesterday's Bass Day, replete with string orchestrations on "Sojourn" and drum tracks on "Stormy Weather" (these 2 were played with just the bass as a solo instrument yesterday).

    To recap, my rig set up was as follows:

    4-string Tobias Classic > GT6B > L/R out to Line 6 DL4 > L/R out to 2 Line 6 Bass Amps (1 EQ to focus on highs and one EQ to focus on lows). "Between Here And Then" included use of a violin half-bow.

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    Just wanna thank James again for transporting the drum kit and setting it up yesterday. So paisei!!

    I think Soft is doing hell of a job! More of these events would definitely help contribute heaps to the growth of our local music scene....and what better than having regular bass exchanges since there is such a huge shortage of bassists here!

    2 thumbs + 2 big toes up!!
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    Yesterday's session was really insightful and the display of technicality and precision really made me stand in awe.. thanks james and to all who made the meetup such a success!

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    I had a great time meeting everyone there Thanks James for organising this event! I'm looking forward to the next one already
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    Haha, james, can quickly put up videos for the event please? Would like those watch those since I've missed it =/

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