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Thread: Bass Day @ SOFT Gathering - 2 Feb 2008

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    how do we get the tics?

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    I think just walk in don't need tix

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    Ya, it is free for everyone! Come Come.

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    got tix

    can pay to me...hehehehe
    i'm helping anyway
    so can pay to me for the tix and you guys can enter hehehehehe

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    what if we turn up late? still got any tix?

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    You don't need tickets for this gathering. It's FREE!

    Just come and have fun.

    fuzztremecho, dont confuse people lah.

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    yo mr james,

    still need any kind of assistance?

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    yes yes! iqbal, i definitely need all the help I can get. Thanks man. Will PM you the details.

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    Yeah Me Too
    Mr James,You Need Help I Am Here
    Pm Me Man
    Would Be Uber Glad To Help With The Scene
    Dutch/Fidget House

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    Liberator, thanks for volunteering! I will PM you the details.

    Please help to tell all your music friends about the gathering. Good things must share.

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