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Thread: Bass Day @ SOFT Gathering - 2 Feb 2008

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    Bass Day @ SOFT Gathering - 2 Feb 2008

    Event: SOFT Gathering
    Date: 2 Feb 2008 (Saturday)
    Time: 12pm - 6pm
    Venue: *scape Youth Centre (indoor)
    Ticket: FREE!!
    Amps: Line6 -

    The LoDown in Music -
    Bass Day Workshop

    2pm - 2.30pm : Din Safari
    Ten Ingredients In Music
    Intrepid bassist Din Safari is best known as the low-ender in professional working outfit Jive Talking, a highly popular band touted by lifestyle publication IS Magazine (Singapore), as "THE BEST CLUB BAND IN SINGAPORE". Din is also the organizer behind the highly successful Bass Music Camp held in Asia, comprising teachings on Musical Awareness, Principle of Music and the role of a Bass player. For this module, he will be providing an insight into another upcoming Bass Music Camp he is organizing in June with discussions on The Ten Ingredients in music.

    2.30pm - 3pm : Bani Rahman
    How To Groove Hip
    As one of Singapore's busiest bass sessionists, Bani Rahman's distinctive bass tone has landed him numerous performing and recording sessions with notable artists like Tanya Chua, Art Fazil, Singapore Idol Taufik Batisah at his "Thank you Concert", Rosli Mansor, Nathan Hartono, Blindspot and Brinal Chua. Bani has also co-produced and recorded on music for various Cartoon Network's productions. In this module, apart from sharing useful tips on the trade of being a professional session bassist, Bani will demonstrate on the tricky technique of locking a tight groove with a live drummer in various rhythmic situations.

    3pm - 3.30pm : Matnor
    Harmonic Highlights
    With more than 20 years beneath his belt as a professional working bassist and music educator, Matnor has come a long way since his days as the bassist in Singapore's earliest hit band, Teacher's Pet. He has also done various session performances with known artists like Zubir Abdullah and Nuradee. Best known for his meticulous pedagogy as a bass teacher, Matnor will extend his knowledge of the bass with a specific attention to details on the technique of playing bass harmonics without breaking into a sweat.

    3.30pm - 4pm : Wendy Phua
    Tapping into Harmony
    Solo bassist and composer Wendy Phua first began exploring the outer boundaries of bass whilst playing in a prog-rock band under her lead called ZHEN. Since then she has been actively composing bass solo songs with a distinctly keyboard approach on the bass, using ambidextrous tapping methods. Wendy will discuss the technique of bass tapping and how it can be used to deliver conventional bass lines while simultaneously spelling out chordal harmonies. Wendy is currently in the midst of recording an album featuring the bass as a solo instrument, and she will perform songs from the album demonstrating bass tapping methods.

    4pm - 4.30pm : Melvin Wong
    Bassically Trading
    In a constant strive to hone one's playing on the bass, most bassists would often overlook the finer details of the instrument anatomy itself and the various options of sound each type of bass produces. Avid bass collector and bassist Melvin Wong throws a light on the murky approach to evaluating and purchasing basses, especially used instruments, and how to avoid pitfalls of bad electronics and warped necks. Expounding on what a buyer ought to look out for, from the make of the bass, its electronics and even its re-sale value, this fascinating module is especially useful for both new players and bassists who are looking to start a bass collection.

    4.30pm - 5pm : Anis
    Married To Rock!
    Let your hair down and hang loose with the teeth-grinding bassist Anis from Ministry Of Rock, Singapore's best known export of Heavy Metal fronted by Legendary Jatt Ali and Singapore's known "Guitar Shredder" Paul Danial. Anis will share about what it takes to deliver 200% night after night as a member of the high-energy resident hard rock & metal band at the HOUSE OF ROCK club. Anis will also impart his secrets on effective speed picking, cross-string fingering coordination and how to apply bass effects tastefully. This is the ultimate workshop for bassists "married" to their bass!

    Yes! Finally a chance to meet up with fellow SOFTies and put the face to the name.

    Get hands-on experience on the latest music gears, instrument and equipment!

    We will have presenters to give demo/clinic. Or freshly baked local music albums!

    Ok, we like to have happy SOFTies, mystery prizes will be given out. Dont ask what it is coz then it would not be mystery anymore!

    * I need SOFTies who like to help out with the registration and photo taking on that day!

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    need any volunteer band performers?

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    woo! What's gonna happen this time?

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    We will have 5 professional musicians talk about their music and experiences. Will upload all their bio as soon as I get them.

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    Haha nid any lead vocals ? haha to sing some grand entrance .DO U SMELL WHAT SOFT IS COOKING ? j/k

    Might be going but have to put on the mask or i can either refuse to be in any photos . CHEERS

    619 , Rey

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    Wow really every month eh? Will try to come, and get some friends to come along the way!

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    Cool, will try to drop by =)
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    I Am Not Gonna Miss It This Time
    Gonna Finally Meet you Guys
    Cant Wait
    Dutch/Fidget House

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    Maybe coming down for this one since I missed the last one..

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    ooo might be interested haha... updates updates!

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