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Thread: Need Help in Simple Recording Setup

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    Need Help in Simple Recording Setup

    i've tried to do some search on the forums but no such discussion so...

    im planning to start a simple home recording studio. Have read many books and websites, know that they are many ways to actually connect both analog or MIDI instruments to the PC, but would like some opinion on how i should actually go about it with my current setup and budget.

    Firstly, im not too sure whether my PC would be able to take the rigours of recording. AMD 2000 with 1 Gb Ram. I plan to recording keyboard via midicontrollers/soft synth. Effects or other instruments would come from VSTs. Most prob be running on Protools Le. Planning to purchase a 61 key controller with USB output. I understand that i need a audio interface(mixer for my analog instruments. Question, would the latency be obvious then since my midi will run VIA USB and the audio interface run via analog(1/8 input, since im currently using sound blaster live). Or would your experts recommend that i buy a MIDI/ANALOG interface like the MAudio Fast Track Pro, having all my instruments and controller into in and USB out to the com. I do have firewire options. i plan to record everything though no need to do it simultanously. I would rather not upgrade my com. Budget for audio interface and controller is around 400-500. Dont mind 2nd hand. Whats the best way to connect my instruments?

    PLease advise. Thanks for reading. Took me quite some courage to post such a noob question!

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    Hi victt, if softsynths are your main sound source, you'll probably need to push your RAM up to 2GB to be comfortable. Most audio interfaces nowadays come with midi, but if you're using USB, then there's no need. Running midi through your audio interface has the slight added advantage that you are saving that slight CPU usage associated with USB. But midi signals are relatively small packages anyway.

    There's a range of audio interfaces that will fall within your budget - M-audio, Echo etc. All OK for your needs. You don't need lots of inputs. Just sufficient for your keyboard and some extra for possible future expansion in case you get an extra external sound source.

    The only thing you need to do (as discussed many times) is that you'll need to dedicated your PC to music. That means no IE, no Office, no games, nothing installed except your music software (which you already mentioned, Protools). Do a search in SOFT. Discussed many times, and recently again under the computer/software section. This step is crucial if you are going to rely heavily on softsynths.

    You probably know that Protools supports only RTAS, not VST. I feel there are more VST plugins than RTAS, but Protools users may disagree with me. You can still use VST, but you'll need a VST to RTAS Wrapper, such as that by FXpansion.

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    thanks cheez for replying! would it then be okie if i run midi controller and interface both parallel VIA USB? Any interfaces to recommend? i need one with phantom power for mics, instrument i/o, dont need MIDI i/o since i'll USB that as well. A simple and low budget one will do.

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