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Thread: Activate your Reputation!

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    I don't understand... why's there two numbers... then the rep points got 24... from where who what how I wanna cry.. I go cry

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    Quote Originally Posted by soft View Post
    hi pf

    When you click to

    Do you see a "Latest Reputation Received" in the center of the page? There's a little arrow button on the right of that bar.

    If you see that button, click on it.
    I cant see it, i can only see the new subscribed thread..y?

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    Nobody has given you any rep points yet, so can't see.

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    User Info Menu wonder..

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    Hey can anyone help me?.
    why is it my number of post always get reset and i am back to zero once i log in again.. why??.. i post over like 30 plus but still am at zero..

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    biddin2low, where do you see your number of post?

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    Hey James, noticed something. Rep power is different for most people - people who has less posts has lower rep power. Is rep power the number of points you can actually give to somebody? I recall giving somebody points and that person's point went from 10 to 20 (my rep power is 10).

    If this is so, how come your rep power is only 2?

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    Hi Cheez

    Yes, you are right. The rep power is how much you can give others. It is based on activities and some other factors on the site. Got to earn the rep power.

    There's another little green box with a number below the rep power. That is the actually reputation points.

    As for why I have only 2 rep power, ha..ha.. I was fiddling around the admin setting and .... oops... pressed a wrong button. Ha..ha.. really. But it is ok lah.

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    wow this rep thing is really confusing. lol :???:

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