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Thread: Activate your Reputation!

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    Activate your Reputation!

    Hi guys/gals

    Due to popular demand, I have activated the Reputation function. Pls setup your's in the User CP -

    We can use this function to give credit to fellow SOFTies who contributed much to the forum!

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    goo hoo!! new feature... umm how do people add rep to them???

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    Ahh... you see that little on the top right of every post? If you feel that the poster is good, click on the icon and give him/her a point.

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    y is it that some pple has diabled reputation while some has distinguished? what do they mean? may you please enlighten me? thanks alot bro!

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    great new feature. but it is possible for ppl to make another acc just to up their reputation?

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    Can we give people demerit points?

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    Some forums do have demerit points. If it is done well, it serves as a self-moderating feature. The problem is that it's very subjective. Somebody who doesn't like somebody else can keep giving that person demerit points.

    The same goes for merit points. As long as we know that the system is subjective, it's OK. Points can be converted to number of stars that can be displayed.

    It's good to give it a go and see how it works in a month or two. Gave a few people some points already...

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    James, I gave you one point, but how come your point remains the same? Is it working?

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    Check out how the Reputation works -

    I am not sure how it works too. Give it sometime and see if there's any changes. Hee..hee..

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    cool. I was just wondering what the rep points were for

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