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Thread: Build a new Core2 Quad PC

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    good place to buy computers

    if you go to simlim and go to the 5th floor there is a place for the job here. its called MPC. this is the place i get all our computers from (and as you know who i am this may mean some thing to you).

    just drop my name to the boss and enjoy a discount. enjoy.

    4gb ram wont work on normal windows xp too

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    Basically, RAM clock above 1066mhz is known/labell as DDR3. Yes these high performance RAm is too expensive.

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    ah yes, 4 gig ram will only be detected as 3.2gig on Windows XP

    so it's recommended you get 2 pieces of 1 gigram , and 2 pieces of 512ram, run them as Dual channel on your mainboard.
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    hi admin... do you do alot game? if you do with your budget mainboard get x38 chipset... hmm motherboard is good to go with a gigabtyle ones, grahpic card make it 8800GT pci-e 2.0... power supply get cooler master real power 550w... but if you dun do much gaming stick with this parts but power supply do consider to get a better one...hard disk why put 3? coz if you link 2 or more hard disk together will slow down computer reading speed and performance put 1 and partition it lo... hard disk i suggest western digital 5 years plus 1 to 1 exchange but so far nv heard of any WD hard disk got problem...
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    hi ericbass

    I dont do games at all. This PC will be for audio/video editing. Running Sony Vegas mainly.

    I use 1 hd for system and 2 hd for storage. This is what I have on my current P4 system. Been quite comfortable with this.

    Need a faster system so that I can render faster and I can retire younger.

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    James, if you're going to do heavy duty video AND audio editing simultaneously (with multiple audio tracks at high-bit rate), then the bottle neck will be your HDs. CPU speed helps in processing and up to a certain limit. The rest of the bottle-neck will lie on your HD seek/read time.

    I don't think linking up multiple drives will actually slow the seek/read time as ericbass said. I do suggest separating your audio and video into 2 separate drives if your editing is heavy. Storage can always reside in the main drive (since storage doesn't require the drives to spin too quickly). And storage can always be taken out of the PC if needed into external drives.

    The real problems with multiple drives are heat and noise. More fans may not necessary reduce temperature and may increase it. Also, fans add noise. Noise is a problem for recording (esp live, vocal, speech etc). So you need a good fan that's as silent as possible. Also, if cost is not an issue, you may want to consider housing your entire PC in a separate noise-reducing cabinet.

    I've also heard in the past that WD drives are noisy. Don't know about them now. Seagate is another alternative - less noise.

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    It's pointless waiting for new chips b4 making a purchase - there is always a new chip that's just around the corner. And new chips are usually expensive.

    If you're using the computer to make moolahs then the sooner you get your machine, the happier you'll be.

    Seagate drives are better. DDR2 is fast enough and won't hurt your budget. You'll do well to see if you can get a second monitor for the setup, for your AV work.


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    RoRK, the new chip is already a done deal. Announced last year. It's just waiting to hit the domestic market here. It's supposed to be selling anytime soon. When it does, prices of existing processors will drop. So even one does not want to pay for the price of the new chip, the price drop itself may be worth the slight wait.

    And this is not just another processor speed change (like 1.8 GHz to 2.0 GHz). If that's the case, I agree there's no point waiting. Because faster processor always come out a few months later. However this time, it's a totally new processor which will basically phase out the current 65nm chips. This doesn't happen all the time. It's still Core2, but the chip is new. It's a shrinking from 65nm to 45nm! The cache size (for the Quad) will also increase from 8MB to 12MB. When a big change like that happens, it's better to be a little more patient.

    Because this new PC will have to last for another few years, a big change round the corner becomes signficant. In fact, I would even be willing to wait up to 6 months for it to hit the market before purchasing. And the news so far is that it won't have to be that long...much sooner than later. Quad 2.83 GHz with 12MB L2 cache (Q9550) has already been announced (starting speed 2.5 GHz, followed by 2.66 GHz). Somebody is already selling the Penryn Xeon on ebay. Should be out soon....

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    Wow Cheez, that is really tempting!

    Actually, I have like 3 PC + 1 notebook running. 2 PC for AV, 1 PC for SOFT/surfing. I want to move 1 of my AV pc for my surfing. Hee..hee, ya I am greedy.

    I am always caught in between changing 'platform'. It is like getting stuck at every red light. ha..haa..

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    then i suggest your board get

    more better den MSI neo

    power supply go for Thermaltake ToughPower QFan 500W PSU Modular at around 175 coz i feel casing suck nvm the main thing is power supply must zai zai lol...

    so let me warp up for you on fuwell price list

    Gigabyte P35-DS3 GL/HD A/1333FSB with Q6600 $627

    PC 5300/667 Kingston DDR2 CL5 2GB $62 x 2 = $124 is better to run dual channel den 4 ram together

    Asus EN8600GT 256MB DDR3 / DVI X2 $175

    WD 250GB 16MB each for $107

    Pioneer DVR-212BK 18X DVD+-RW (SATA) $52 good choice

    CM Centurion 5 w/Side Window (Silver / Black) $69

    Thermaltake ToughPower 750W 14cm Fan $239 or 500W for $175 at potter house

    Zero Therm Nirvana 120 CPU Cooler at $79 but from video pro from what i found on the net...

    so together will be like

    ~~~$1579 i count hard disk for 2 only, power supply for 750w

    hope this help you :mrgreen:

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