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Thread: Build a new Core2 Quad PC

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    Build a new Core2 Quad PC

    I am looking to get a new pc for my video/audio work.

    Well, not a very computer hardware savvy person but hopefully with your help, I will be able to make some wiser choice.

    Budget $1.5k - $2k (excluding monitor, software)

    Do let me know if I am ok?

    - Intel Quad 6600 2.4GHz
    - Zero Therm Nirvana 120 CPU Cooler
    - MSI P35Neo-F Main Board
    - Kingston PC2-667 DDR 4GB Ram
    - Asus GF8600GT 256M PCIE VGA Card
    - WD 250GB (x3)
    - Pioneer DVR
    - Cooler Master Centurion 5 Casing
    - Cooler Master 430W Power Supply

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    Sound Why Not Try Creative Sound Blaster High Fidelity?
    Seems That U Gonna Have A High End Computer There
    Good Luck though
    Btw U May Wanna Upgrade The RAM To A DDR2 Ones
    They Provide Better Speeds Later
    Dutch/Fidget House

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    If you have cash to spare, this is one of the best soundcard around..

    Oh Liberator, those are DDR2 coz DDR only stops at 400 mhz

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    I am using the Presonous Firepod ( as my soundcard. Hee..hee so can save some money on another expensive soundcard.

    Do you guys think the MSI P35Neo-F is good? What are the features that I should look out for?

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    mm..i think since u using quad 6600 2.4ghz better to use DDR3 RAM PC1006 above to utilise the quad FSB which is running at 1066. But i think u need to use mobo with 1066 FSB. I dont think MSI P35Neo-F running at 1066 FSB

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    DDR3?? are they out in sg already? 1gb already can cost around $300. Thats insane. Maybe you could try the kingston hyperX ram. Its popular amongst gamers coz of its high speed but can be useful for other applications such as your video/audio editing that will suck resources. Nowadays ddr2 rams are falling drastically, get those high speed ram before thier price bounce back up again. Or maybe they have up already? I'm not really up to date.

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    I got a pile of flyer/pricelist from Sim Lim, dont see any DDR3? I need to balance between price and performance.

    One piece of 1GB Kingston DDR2-800 is going for $50

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    I saw the price in overseas online shop. Convert to sg dollars more or less about $300. but yeah, don't think its available in sg yet. I guess the ddr2 800 should be adequate esp when you are going to use 4 of those. Oh the power supply you might wanna get higher wattage since you are going for a quadcore, 4gb ram and 3 hdd. They are going to take alot of power I think. Just a suggestion only. I'm not that expert on computers anyway.

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    Hi James, I'm also thinking of upgrading. I think it may be wise to wait for a little while for the new 45nm Penryn Processor which is supposed to be due first quarter of 2008. I'm waiting for the processor to hit the domestic market. This will mean faster speed and more energy saving.

    Also heard that Intel has a 32nm processor in their works. Don't think that will come out anytime soon.

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    hey james, my suggestion is , either like what cheez said, wait till the new processor's out, it will either mean that the stuff you're getting's price will plunge, or you can get something medium range now and cheap but still perform purpose, then until the more powerful stuff that comes out in the near future you can bomb the whole thing one shot to last you for another a few years.
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