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Thread: bad sellers

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    bad sellers

    *This is not to make anyone post about bad sellers just to warn them
    "bonaparte" whom pm me countless of times about my les paul,saying he wants to buy it.
    I pmed him back saying ok when do u wanna deal. He didnt reply.... i waited about a few weeks... no response... my friend told me someone buying his beast... i said oh good for u.
    then he made a thread saying he wants to buy a epiphone les paul standard budget i posted a post at his thread saying u still interested?.He said yes again...
    so i ask him when wanna deal? he didnt reply....
    my friend told me hey i think the person dont want buy my beast,he told me that he replyed him quite alot of times but no response.I asked who? he said bonaparte.i was shocked... he didnt get my friends beast or my les paul.
    It appears bonaparte has been lieing...

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    wouldnt tat made him a bad buyer?


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    sry didnt write in detail... bad buyer....

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    man there are tons of sickos at the buy and sell....i have come across such situations too

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    just sell it to someone else la.
    problem solved.

    dont give people the time of the day when they dont give u theirs.


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    firt to pass the cash?

    if you dont get a reply then look for other buyers. the real buyer will meet you as soon as poss and put the cash in your hand. y

    you just do what you can but dont loose sleep over bitches like this. just move on in life (and your sale)

    the world is full of strange and stupid people, thats just how life is.

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