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Thread: HDB Complaints?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schtauffen View Post
    Did you try thick carpets or rubber mats(like those alphabet puzzles for kids). I read somewhere it helps. I myself is doing so, but yet to see the results.
    Thick high density carpets will help, best to reduce bass vibrations is to have a thick carpet and have a platform on top.

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    Sup drummers!

    Recently I have received a letter from HDB asking me to completely stop playing due to noise nuisance and if I would want to practice, I have to do it in a jamming studio.

    Here's the picture,

    I lived on the last floor of a HDB and I have been playing my acoustic set for 8 years plus and no one has ever EVER complaint. About 2 months ago, this foreign talent (no offense) decides to move in.

    Since then,police start paying my house visits. On this particular Saturday, while I saw playing, she decides to BANG on the front door. To cut the long story short, my mum sort of caught a glim of her. She made absurd complains stating that she was staying at the opposite block.

    I have friends staying at the opposite who are not musicians and yet they claim that the noise from the traffic & construction was far worse then my drumming. The only neighbors that will be seriously affected by my drumming is either staying below me or beside me and I have talk to them regarding my drums and they are cool about it. I have tried approaching that neighbor wanting to decide on a time frame where I can practice but she doesn't want to meet up.

    Is it true that my drum sets can be confiscated? Any advice anyone?
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    I guess – The Most Crucial Question here is: - Will Your Drum-Set Be Confiscated ?

    The Answer is ….” NO ”

    If you have tape-recorded ( whoever the Officer that said this) – The Officer will be in Deep Trouble – because he has no Right to do this.

    HAVING SAID ALL THESE – and giving you the Assurance here.

    This is my Advice :- To you

    (1) Talk to the HDB Officers Nicely – and I have my reasons:-

    Because it is a very Grey –Area here – Now read Carefully (as it is not to your advantage here)

    (a) 1st There is indeed such a Rule in HDB that – you are allow to play as long as it is say ( between 10am morning to 10pm evening) ---- This is the reason why – you see “ Chinese “Ko-Tai” or PAP Dinner Community Event last till 10.30PM … BUT – you will never see them finished after 11.00pm – Its “ A Law” – and the Police can Intervene after this time…..

    (b) Your Neighbour must have been Frustrated ( because you play and end before the above said time) – so The Police Spare you and took no Action against you here.

    (c) So your neighbour – go all the way to make a Complain against you to HDB …actually HDB might have asked your Neighbours around ( The one Below or Besides on how they find yr drumming – the level of noise here – is it bearable to them)…..AND – Honestly you wont know what they said ---- HDB will not disclosed.

    (d) You mentioned you received a Letter In Black and White from HDB …. This means they are serving you a Notice because you did not ( Try to lessen the Noise level of your drumming after their Verbal Warning Made to you Earlier on) – I must be Right here…or else they will not give you a Black and White…The Lady your Neighbour is still complaining.

    In any Case - - Though the Law says after 11pm if you still play ( the Police will take over it is their Jurisdiction and you are actually allow to play till 10PM ( on a safe side) - - - BUT But BUT --- There is an Overiding Rule/Law…that is:-

    If a Neighbour complain about you – you will be in Trouble and HDB have the right to ask you to stop playing ( but they cant Confiscate yr Drum here ok) – because – Your Are Disturbing the Peace Of Your Neighbour which they have a RIGHT here as the AREA (HDB all of you are staying is – SHARED AREA.

    This means ----- Sorry to say that but it is TRUE…

    If you play soft and your Neighbour complain – You Die – Unless you mute yr Drum like me ( My Neighbours Paino Sound is Louder than my Drum Kit now)

    If your Opposite Block Neighbour play Freaking freaking loud and no one complains --- He can carry on Playing happily here ---

    One cannot tell the HBD – How come I am Softer – you ask me to STOP and he plays so DAMN LOUD but just because no one Complains – he can carry on playing ..

    But Brother --- This is The LAW ….. its Flexible YES BUT …UNFORTUNATELY not and never to your Advantage. SO AS LONG AS THERE IS NO COMPLAIN - -HDB Dont Care - you carry on playing do what you like bash all you can , But - If there is Complain - They will ask you to stop - and Please STOP or like me - SHOW HDB - That you did try to LOwer down the Drumming to a Bearable Level ( it shows you put in effort to comply to make your neighbour happy) - and They will Let you Off ( cause HDB will tell your Neighbour -- you did something and they have checked ) ....This is the LAW.. And Dont Argue with them - - You will lose out - Trust me.

    ASK me --- How DO I KNOW: - - - I CAME OUT IN THE FRONT PAGE Of the Chinese NewsPaper because of COMPLAINS ….Reporter came …. Miniister Secretary call me and also call the NewsPaper Agency both of us ….

    In the end – all gave way - - I do my Part they do theirs ( Quite down) …. Now I carry on Playing but – MUTE My Drums….as mention - Softer than the Paino -- with Double Paddling.

    Consultation Fees here is S$100.00 - Kindly remit it to James ( Owner of Soft) through PM – Whahahahahahhaha ! Nahhhh I'm Joking

    God is Right - He says - Love Thy Neighbour - Listen to him ... Drummers have to Learn to Handle Their Neighbours Well ...

    After you have Mute your Drums - Invite that beautiful and nice neighbour of yours to your Home...make her some nice coffee - - get her to listen to your drumming at all your might ...and if she dont wanna come -- Its not your Fault -- because the important thing here is -- You would have to Prove to HDM - YOu have Did your Best ....Trust me -- I wont be Wrong here..

    DRUMMERS just remember - - Don't Ever Fight a Losing Battle --- " BE NICE to your NEIGHBOURS " (like you 're as nice to your Soft's Moderators here) - The Facts Remain you are indeed at their MERCY


    See Pics: - Muff it with Tontins (Thanks To My Drumming Instructor Alvin of Music Lab who Taught Me This )

    Eric Wong
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    Re: HDB Complaints?

    Hi guys. I'm getting my 4 room BTO flat keys soon. Was thinking to do some renovation on 1 of my room for soundproofing for drum. Any recommended contractors to do up my room? thank you.

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    Re: HDB Complaints?

    Hi There,

    Would U be interested to come jam with us in a studio? we have guiatrists and singer and need a drummer to make it fun.. genre will be the pop songs fm coldplay radiohead... ed sherran.. etc... Police... hotel california etc
    if interest wastapp me 88125300 .. Jim .. happening this coming Sat..


    Quote Originally Posted by amoslu View Post
    Just got my first complaint for loud noises from my flat. Funny thing is i am using electronic drums.

    Suspect my neighbour is abit too sensitive. What can HDB and the police do? Confiscate the drums/amp?

    I searched the forum, but there seems to be very little hard evidence and guidelines from HDB, besides that we have to stop by 11pm.

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    Re: HDB Complaints?

    Quote Originally Posted by jimbotmh View Post
    Hi There,

    Would U be interested to come jam with us in a studio? we have guiatrists and singer and need a drummer to make it fun.. genre will be the pop songs fm coldplay radiohead... ed sherran.. etc... Police... hotel california etc
    if interest wastapp me 88125300 .. Jim .. happening this coming Sat..

    That was very nice of you, but try to open a post here: - Looking For Drummer brother
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