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Thread: HDB Complaints?

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    HDB Complaints?

    Just got my first complaint for loud noises from my flat. Funny thing is i am using electronic drums.

    Suspect my neighbour is abit too sensitive. What can HDB and the police do? Confiscate the drums/amp?

    I searched the forum, but there seems to be very little hard evidence and guidelines from HDB, besides that we have to stop by 11pm.
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    No the police have no right to enter your house, or to look at your drumset, much less touch it. Do not allow them access to your house unless they have a warrant to do so, which they will be unable to get.

    You are allowed to play up to 10 or 10.30pm, from 10am onwards. It's the same regulations as construction work.

    Your neighbour has no right to complain, as long as you can prove that you have taken sufficient measures to prevent it from being a nuisance to him. You'll only be in trouble if you play at ungodly hours, or your neighbour can prove that you're playing drums with the sole intention of creating nuisance to him. Oh, and there must be more than one complainant.

    The most that he can do is to sue you in a civil court, but then again it's not very common because of the legal hassle and costs involved.

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    That's our Bro alvyn ....... abosolutely correct.

    We respect our neighbours (by being considerate ourselves as always) - but it had to be a give & take situation too. Drummers does have their own right to a certain degree.
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    lol. like omg even with electronic drums ur neighbours complain omg. haha yup u shud play at those given hours.

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    construction works was done as early as 8.30am last time when my 10th floor new neighbour was remaking the whole house...

    so yeah just drum around the given time...

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    shiok... they start drilling.. then we start blasting ....\m/

    when neightbour complain we just say home renovation...

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    i think our mind set should be

    " drumming in hdb is a privilege. not an entitlement. "

    i believe things should be settled nicely. be nice, drum in peace. =)

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    dont worry bro i feel your pain i got a complain when i was playing on a saturday at 2 in the afternoon. sucks balls. maybe should find a compromise with your neighbour?
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    hhahaha. i chased around 3 neighbours already . i dun realli care if police come to my house or wad. im used to it. moreover, they come from the same branch . tired of seeing the faces. hahahah. but always warning warning and warning.
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    hey they warning how many times but still what can they dooo???

    never had a single complaint before... only my 2nd floor friend called me while jamming in the middle of the song that he can hear im playing the drums... used to close windows but that day i opened the door and windows... :P

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