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Thread: Recording Costs Less Than You Think!

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    So basically, it takes 6 hrs of recoding excluding mastering n mixing it??

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    Time Taken................

    look at it this way..............

    if you jam your ass off so its right you will prob take 3 hours to record 1 hours music.
    after all, jam time costs far less than studio time, just be ready!

    when i record i do the whole band in one take but record it all into the 'soundscape' recording system as seperate tracks. (keep all 12 drum mics as 12 tracks and 2 guitars as 2 tracks....) this does work if you use the right studio.

    this works for 3 reasons.
    1 if you need to redo a small part on say one guitar you can just do that small bit.
    2 its faster and saves money (time is money!)
    3 the files can then be worked on in another place or just remixed to a trance mix later (joking!)

    you dont need all the studio, just the files and some good software toys. i use about 1800 plugins and just use what will be best for the job. each instument is worked on for the first track then that track gets mixed. the second track i just use the same settings and see if it works. normaly its 85% right already so it saves time and again, time is money.

    i do my 'rough mix' with out the band then get them in to finish / perfect the mix. always remember that its your music, it has to sound as you want it to. if your not happy then its not finished. mastering will take about 2 hours per track.

    look at it this way.......... (worst case, so longer times for all costs!)

    studio with me (commonwealth, singapore) 5 hours
    first song (takes longer) mastering 4 hours
    11 songs at 2 hours mastering per song 22 hours

    it can be done faster. i have seen 2 hours studio time and 16 hours mastering before. it just depends on you!

    remember this will give you a pro quality recording in one of the biggest studios in singapore ( for info) and every thing you need is here apart from your guitars and guitar FX. feel free to bring your own drums, pedals and cymbles if you like but we have it. i am a drummer so i know how it is to use your own things.

    look at the site and you will see when i say 'pro studio' i am not joking. BUT if you want to know who i am, well sorry, but i not in any of the pictures on the site. i will be soon as we are getting a new site built at the moment.
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    No! No! No! No!

    """based on my freelance recording for the past 5 years, bands approximately should spend this much time :

    Drums = 1 hr.
    Vocals = 1/2 hr to 1 hr.
    Back Vocals = 1/2 hr
    Rhythm Guitars = 1hr (double track)
    Lead Guitars = between 1 hr to 2 hrs , especially if the song has alot of lead parts."""
    Bass = 1/2 hr to 1 hr.


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    I'm not a expert but i hope someone here can help me define professional studio or recording?

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    hello otpp, maybe you post a preview of your work and let us listen...... that would be great! thanks

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    otpp : I'd (in fact seeing the other guys) , i'm sure we'd like to hear your band recordings. preferbly the latest or the best you got , i can't wait to be impressed. do register an account at and share them with us. especially your rates are definitely top of the range too at $85/hr.

    so you're working at speakeasy? you sound like you're endorsing them alot.

    i can record live, I've recorded an 8 piece disco/ska band with my korg D888+peavey 6 XLR channel mixer+behringer 5 XLR channel mixer live before. basically i'm catering to what the band wants. and of course, bands wanna record layer so it's cleaner and more flexible and of course do multi layer guitars. sometimes bands have 1 guitarist but the recording sounds like they got 5, whatever sounds good.

    so yeah do let us hear some samples and tell us who you are. SOFT forum is one big friendly network.

    budakbone : depends depends depends~~~ thats just a rough gauge.

    bernardgoh : don't know, otpp seems to be talking about recording affordably at "pro studio" sound. but most of the time/threads keeping us guessing who he is and what's in store soon
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    haha... that's why i want to know what's the defintion of Professional Studio. is it a studio that have SSL?

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    4 hrs mastering at $85/hr for 1 song?! Even for 2 hrs at $170 per song.. Dun know of anyone doing it at that rate.. Pls Reveal your big name!!

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    Sounds interesting. Maybe for bands it'd be really sweet.

    But i think for solo singer-songwriters like me, it'd be hard i guess. The songs that i (noob) mix on my website are like my really rough records. Thinking of making a demo but yeah, the cash part is kinda hard especially that $85/hr. That's a huge pinch.
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    yeah i do work at speak easy. sorry i thought that was obvious to the point i did not need to say. we use the studio at lion to record bands too.

    look at the site

    there is pics of the studio there too.

    as for my music, i am recording 'the pinholes' this sunday (13/1/2007) at lion but for speakeasy. When thats done it will be all over, just chill and see.

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