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Thread: SOFT wants to contact all gig organisers

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    get some feedback, see if there is a general direction that we can work towards. networking within the industry!!! if that is the one that is done, we have a fruitful meeting.

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    we could do it here at EarShot

    Just lemme know when.

    or if there's lots of us, i can check to see if there's a room upstairs available.

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    hi Earshot, thanks for 'sponsoring' the venue.

    ok, will email eveyone on the list of when this is going to happen.

    1. HeartRockSingapore
    2. AgingYouth
    3. GrimBrody
    4. Trippyfactory
    6. EarShot (venue owner)
    7. d_wheels
    8. Mindseye Records
    9. AHBOY (tntmusic)
    10. wylduer (Doubleyellowline)
    11. FUBAR (Voideck Music)
    12. LadyfestSG

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    Any chance there's a 2nd meeting?

    Sorry for the delay in response. Any chance is there a 2nd forum?
    Trippy Factory is ressurecting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by soft View Post
    There are quite a few of these special people who relentlessly help to organise gigs. Some are pretty experienced and some are starting out.

    I just thought it might be a good idea if gig organisers could come together and have a little gathering to have some food while we share some 'war stories'.

    If you are a gig organiser and feel that this is a cool idea, please contact me at or put your name below.
    Boss - your Moderator me - is also somehow - a small small Free Gig Organiser.
    Your Soft's Friendliest Moderator ! - Or Maybe Not ?

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    Can I Join Too....??

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    Hey James,
    I'm new hear and for sure i'm new. Well, not only gigs performance but i do competitions too, basically for Dance N Music Industry. Any gatherings i'm up for it. Anyway, just to spread the love for musicians/bands, i'm organizing a band comp this upcoming June. Rise of the Bands 2011. Hear form you soon and from all the Musicians & Organizers around.


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    Hi Bro

    I'm Zari from Appetite Entertainment. Interested to network with fellow gig organisers.

    Email me at or mobile 9026-6008. Thanks
    Rock to the BONE till I'm dead and GONE!!!

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    Hi bro my band looking for gig around singapore. If you know any gigs, pls call or msg me Ateng 93373869

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    No one invited us thou...

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