Dear musicians,

- Looking for instrumentalists to work together with 3 to 4 Singers for songs, to get prepared for any arising gigs.

- Required 1 Keyboardist, 1 Guitarist and 1 Cajonist [or 1 Drummer - With SPD Kit (Digital Drum Set- takes up less space)]

- Genre of songs: Mostly contemporary Pop and Soft Rock. Predominantly Chinese songs with some English songs in case.

- Time commitment: At least one or two rehearsals to get feel for each other. Then may be once every month or every 2 months to rehearse new songs (2-3 songs).

Preferably someone starting out who is good but keen to build experience, form a group and perform as a live band.

Interested musicians, kindly contact Lawrence at +65 9762 9399 for further details and queries. Thank you!