Hey there drummers!

We are a leisure band that covers the iconic songs of a japanese band called Spitz and we're currently searching for a talented and easy-going drummer to join our group! As a member of our band, you'll have the opportunity to enjoy your passion for music in a relaxed and enjoyable environment. We're a group of friends who share a love for Spitz's music and enjoy getting together to play and have fun. We usually play for leisure and don't have any professional aspirations, so there is no pressure or commitment beyond simply having a good time.

We're searching for a drummer who is enthusiastic about music, enjoys playing in a group setting, and has a positive attitude. You should be available to meet up for jamming and able to learn and play songs in a relaxed and fun environment. We're looking for someone who can bring their unique style and energy to the music while still staying true to Spitz's distinctive sound.If you're looking for a chance to jam and make new friends while playing the music you love, we'd love to hear from you!

Please send us a message to Sam@90666437 with a brief introduction about yourself. Let's create some amazing music together and have some fun!