Hi all,

Letting go a closet queen. No need for introductions, this is the Ibanez AZ 2204 in what they call haze rose metallic(?), essentially shiny dark pink.

Obviously copying a Suhr/Tom Anderson in specs but though hardly surpassing one, this one comes close. But then again, a Lexus will never be a BMW, nor will going to Harvard online/post-grad ever count as going to Harvard.

Physical Condition 10/10
Working Condition 10/10

Roasted maple neck, SS frets. Alder body, Titanium bridge and Ibanez own switching system, this guitar really is the end all for jack of all trades master of 'depends on your skill level' type of guitar.

It's funny cuz it sounds 90% of the sounds it is trying to emulate. ie close to a strat sound but missing some chime, close to a lespaul (with it's switching) but missing a bit of depth in the midrange.

What it is really good at is the modern hi-fi Chon/periphery/polyphia/intervals dry chk chk chk type sounds. Playability-wise it's silk.

I was raised on BB king.

Made in Japan.

Basically new, open to try, closed the case because life is too busy.

Open and shut case Johnson.

Not looking for trades whatsoever.

HMU gently.

Fender, prs, Gibson, suhr, washburn