hey you! for those who arenít familiar with my music, iím a dark alt pop singer-songwriter/musician! iím currently creating new stuff and iíd just like to share my previous works here for yíall to listen to if you havenít already. this is my latest EP TULPA, and it talks about self discovery, gender identity and exploring my family dynamics, essentially questioning human existence. genres go from ambient noise, shoegaze, and of course dark pop. my personal favourites would be SEEK ME and VICTIM.

hope you can take a listen and enjoy! ❤️

spotify https://open.spotify.com/album/4afhfsYuVBjH7kncYwVlth
bandcamp https://gonemune.bandcamp.com/album/tulpa
youtube https://youtu.be/ZRZziOmHI2o

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instagram (connect here!) https://instagram.com/goneMUNE