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Thread: LF drummer to join original indierock project! demos done, working towards EP etc

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    LF drummer to join original indierock project! demos done, working towards EP etc

    trying our luck here at soft! currently looking for a drummer to join an original indie rock project as a member (or session, if preferred). hoping you can hit hard, and groove tight.

    sound wise TLDR: a shoegaze/indie rock band with emphasis on warm indie pop hooks, noise, energy and some colorful synth tangents. floaty female/potentially twin vocal. overall, genre influences is a big mixed bag - includes bits of japanese indie rock, midwest emo, shoegaze, shibuya-kei, post-punk, the louder sides of dream pop, hyperpop/electronic experimentation and more.

    some bands as references:
    alvvays, spangle call lilli line, sweet trip, parannoul, a sunny day in glasgow, jane remover/dltzk, hitsujibungaku, pity sex, turnover (early), title fight (hyperview), basement... tbh many more - we have a whole playlist

    iykyk: subsonic eye, sobs, long live the empire etc etc...... haha being aware of the local scene helps

    pretty serious about this: currently we are writing - mostly working on bedroom production for now but will be looking forward to forming a full band arrangement live once the songs are all written and arranged. we already have a couple of demos finished and have 6-7 songs in production, ready to do an EP and hoping to work towards playing shows soon. currently 4-5 peeps in our early 20s, just began with uni and hoping to find people around the same age to be on the same trajectory to develop as a band.

    demos are available, and would love to hear you play along to some of them if interested!

    if this sounds like something up your alley, pls dm me at 98301171 / @jieekusu on tele, or @jadeexcess on instagram for more details! let us know what your favorite music is too!
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