Hi fellow Softers!

I've just recorded a full album and I'm looking for fellow rockers who I can jam with, but also practice my songs for the express purpose of all of us playing live. My style can best be described as "AC/DC meets BB King."

I've already got a rhythm guitarist and bassist lined up, so I need a drummer to complete the rhythm section that will make us stand out - this is your chance to show off pounding the skins!

The plans are for Singapore-first gigs but that would hopefully move towards playing overseas eventually. And we will certainly do any cover songs that we can blast out well together!

I've released 1 single online (under a stage name). Here's the lyric video: https://youtu.be/k8Rt_CJpi3k

Even if you're not interested or you play a different instrument, I would love to meet up and jam or just make new friends if you dig my music.

Tel/Whatsapp: 90913092