Dear all,

1980-84' Roland Jazz Chorus JC-120 up for sale or trade today. If you've clicked on this ad, you know what a gem this is. Best solid-state amp of all time, undoubtedly. This is the version with the BRI switch - for bright tones. Made in Japan. In pristine condition too. Speakers serviced at Swee Lee.

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Asking price: $2000

There are only 2 other vintage JC-120's on Reverb currently; the cheapest other 1980' piece goes for $2800 SGD after shipping. The 79' piece goes for even more. Swee Lee retails the current version of the JC-120 for $1800 currently, but why waste money on the knock-off when you can get the real deal for $200 more.

Trades welcome for guitars or much smaller combos. This one just takes up way too much space in my room.

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