hey y’all, my new song ‘VICTIM’ off my new EP, ‘TULPA’ (out 30th july) is released!

it’s a very shoegaze-esque kind of song? something i’ve never really tried before. it’s not acoustic either which is different from my older stuff. many songs from this EP will be very very diff and experimental. no acoustics.

the song talks about self-hatred to the point of unawareness (“blindness”) — but it’s deeper than that following the concept of the EP, which you can read in a free downloadable digital book in the description of the video

https://gonemune.bandcamp.com/track/victim (support me directly and get the track individually here)

hope y’all can listen to the full EP when it’s out, and hope ya like this track! i’ll be teasing another song off it soon.
love xx mune thank you!!