Hi all, I'm Zaki, a 32yo fellow metalhead/rocker/musician like many of us here.

Looking for some fellows of similar interest, for some online-collab/actual jamming. I can only play basic stuff though, so if you're looking for John Myung, Devin Townsend or George Kollias, I'm not the guy! My "resume" is on my YouTube channel "TheSunMoon", if you are interested.

So here's a short list of my potential "projects" (mostly the stuff that I have covered before):

Metallica - Creeping Death / Master of Puppets
Iron Maiden - The Trooper
Audioslave - Like A Stone

For the lulz:
Mortal Kombat Theme Song
Power Rangers Theme Song

The "maybe-list" (if there's a keyboardist):
Opeth - Ending Credits
Nightwish - Moondance

Hope to hear from y'all!