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Thread: Open Band Auditions - Singers & Musicians

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    Open Band Auditions - Singers & Musicians

    We're putting together an acoustic house band that can burst into any room, restaurant or wedding and creates excitement and joy. Singing and playing an eclectic mix of current and old favourites but in a unique and cross-genre and high energy style that will blow the audience away and have everyone on their feet.

    The band is based on a very successful concept that started in France but now plays events all around the world.

    We are looking for a medley of male or female musicians with great voices, high energy, and the ability to play (including but not limited to) acoustic & electric guitar, double bass, a miniature drum kit, trumpet or accordion.

    Please register and send us some background on your musical ability and any examples of your work. We will send you a setlist of songs from which you can prepare for the audition!

    Register here:

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    Re: Open Band Auditions - Singers & Musicians

    I've registered but still not exactly sure what this is? Can you enlighten me?

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