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Thread: Selling: Ibanez SA120 (abandoned project)

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    Selling: Ibanez SA120 (abandoned project)

    Had set aside this guitar for someone but he is now uncontactable. Selling without pickups / strings / whammy bar / bag

    Fret wear to take note. Frets were slightly levelled to prevent buzzing during last set up.

    Orange drop cap + push-pull coil split (vol knob) left in tact. Price is final, I am funding post-chemo treatment, thank you for your understanding.

    Selling: Ibanez SA120 in as-is condition
    No bag / strings / pickups / whammy bar
    Self-collect at Yew Tee / CCK mrt station
    Query / confirmation:
    No trades / reservations please, I am funding my post-chemo treatment
    Price: $200 (final)

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    Re: Selling: Ibanez SA120 (abandoned project)

    Guitar SOLD. Thanks for reading :-)

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