We're mid 30s, rocking out to pop punk and in search for a drummer and a female vocalist to complete our line up!

The band consists of 2 guitarists and a bassist.

If you're a working adult, in your 30s - 40s ish and super keen to rock out with us, you're more than welcomed to try out!

We're basically doing Paramore covers for the short term, before commencing writing our own materials, together.

If you're keen, hit me up on carousell - @kickflipalldaybruh and pick any item to message me.

Just a note: Please, if you're too busy, do not contact us as we need a committed drummer and female vocalist to jam twice a month. Do not waste our time by joining now and backing out after. We are all, working professionals with a career too. We know first hand what busy means.

Drummer requirements: Adhere to the style of music, and learn the style of drumming that each song offers.
Female Vocalist: Just sing lah. You happy, we happy k?

Ok cool, bye.