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Thread: Acoustic Singer/Guitarist Looking to Collaborate (?)

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    Acoustic Singer/Guitarist Looking to Collaborate (?)


    Am a 28 year old guy who’s been out of the scene for quite awhile so not sure whether there’s still a market for this.

    Used to be in punk, hard rock bands when I was younger and also wrote abit. Music’s always been a part of my life but of course, with more adult commitments we sometimes drift a bit - though I still play and sing with an acoustic typically. Sometimes release covers for friends on IG/FB too.

    Currently, just curious to know whether there are people who wanna casually hang, sing and jam maybe even write stuff together like these while balancing out other commitments - after all music is like therapy for some of us:

    - U2
    - Stereophonics
    - Oasis
    - Coldplay
    - Snow Patrol

    More into standard rock/indie rock stuff nowadays then the screaming angst from previous years but yeah, am open to see whether there’re opportunities out there for me to become a “musician” again haha. Am located in the East! Shoot me a text at 9seventhree40215 ��
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