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Thread: Band looking for intermediate guitarist

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    Band looking for intermediate guitarist

    I previously put up an ad on finding a bassist. Fortunately we have found one, but our guitarist has left. We are a band (vocalist, 1 guitarist, bassist, drummer) looking for another guitarist to join us on monthly or slightly more than 1 month-once jams. Easygoing group of 20 - 30+ year olds who want to jam for fun, nothing too serious.

    Music interests include but not limited to - grunge, punk, thrash metal, classic rock, 90s rock, alternative. Basically stuff like AIC, Nirvana, Metallica, Sabbath, red hot chili peppers, Iron Maiden, Zeppelin, some hair metal, etc amongst others.

    Don't need to be too good, we are all average at best. But should be easy to work with / not a diva and preferably in 30s or younger. We are planning to jam end of December so please reach out quickly if possible. Contact me via Instagram / telegram @ firdaus125 OR whatsapp 9 0 2 9 4 3 1 6
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