As stated in the title. Please refer to the description below to see if you fit the bill. Iím also an electric guitarist. if you have a band that needs an electric guitarist that fits this bill, then HMU too at tele @cjrdeluxe198 or WhatsApp me at 8435 3078.

Age: 20s - 30s (donít mind if a bit older and younger)
Commitment: Willing to commit to jams on weekly basis to practice and have fun and not be caught in your own busyness (I mean life does happen, but I do hope to look for people willing to commit to jams regularly)
Music influences: classic rock and anything in between - AC/DC, Led zeppelin, Guns Ní Roses, Black Sabbath, Green Day, MetallicaÖ you name it, if itís in the genre of rock and fun grooves, then letís explore it

Other requirements: Be willing to explore and learn different types of songs and move from old ones, and be able to have fun in the process.

Other than that, nothing too serious, just looking for people willing to learn and have fun in the process of jamming. But idm if we can do originals as well.