Various studies have shown the connection between music training and cognitive abilities. These two combined typically focus on the possible benefits of music lessons. Various recent searches are showing the benefits of violin lessons of these associations from niche-picking tendencies. This leads specific individuals to take their violin lessons more likely than others, especially for long durations. In addition, there is a considerable amount of difference in parents' personalities during their child's duration with these lessons. Children between 8 and 9 years of age with varying amounts of violin training completed a measurement of their IQ levels. We asked their parents to provide demographic information as well as ratings of their own and their children's personalities. A novel finding showed that the parents' openness-to-experience predicted children's duration of the training, even when characteristics that pertained to were controlled statistically. Our results indicate passive and active gene-environment correlations, whereby genetic predispositions influence the likelihood that a child will have certain experiences, such as learning to play the violin.

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