I'm a bassist in my early/mid 20s. Been playing for a couple years. I'm looking for other musicians (any age/gender/proficiency) who would be interested in exploring one (or more) of the following genres: post-hardcore, emo, post-metal, blackgaze. I'd like to primarily focus on writing originals although some covers are fine too.

For reference, some bands I really like are:
Obscure Sphinx, Alcest, Amesouers, We Lost the Sea, Isis, and the Angelic Process (on the metal/blackgaze side)
Unwound, the Hotelier, latter-era Brand New, the Republic of Wolves, Thursday, the World is a Beautiful Place (on the emo/post-hardcore side)

Even if you're not into these genres but you're just looking for a bassist in general, or even if you ARE a bassist yourself and just want to talk about music with someone, feel free to hit me up. You can DM me or whatsapp/telegram me at 97881371. Cheers