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Thread: How to care for Martin satin finish?

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    How to care for Martin satin finish?

    Hello all,

    I just recently got my very first Martin (Dreadnought Jr), and as this is the first solid wood, bigger brand instrument I've ever purchased in my life, I would like to care for it properly as my previous acoustics were just laminate bodies. May I ask what needs to be done to upkeep this guitar?

    Fretboard oil during string changes, just a simple microfibre cloth for wipe downs every once in awhile would be enough? Hoping the more experienced acoustic guitar fans can educate me

    PS: I have a few years old Dr Ducks Ax Wax that I used to use on my older guitar fretboards, but it's been years since I did that, so Im assuming I should get something new for the fretboard instead?

    Thank you in advance

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    Re: How to care for Martin satin finish?

    Hi there :-) I used to own the D Jr as seen above. For the body, I basically wiped it down using dry cloth. The pump / spray polish would occasionally be used to remove dirt off the surfaces - especially at the elbow rest area. The fretboard (Richlite) is not wood so it won't benefit from using fretboard care products which are mostly oil-based. However, I would use them occasionally for the same reason - to remove dirt / finger grime off the surfaces.

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