The “WAM Presents” series is a collaborative movement by “We are Music”, the “new kids on the block music team” who in recent months have offered the local music community an avenue to promote and showcase their work, businesses, and any music related passions. “Izzy Rock Live Unplugged” is one such collaboration.

“Izzy Rock Live Unplugged” follows the great tradition of grunge bands performing their greatest hits in a more intimate acoustic setting. The list includes Nirvana, Alice in Chains and Pearl Jam in their MTV Unplugged shows. For listeners who been previously exposed to and are familiar with Izzy Rock’s material, the album is a refreshing foray into the acoustic genre that features the gamut of the band’s greatest hits.

Izzy Rocks is:
1. Izzy – bass & vocals.
2. Yan Antonio – guitar.
3. Deb Shah – drums.
Special guest appearance by Masta Rudy on guitar.

The songs:
1. Indecisive Ways
2. Sunny Days
3. Social Distancing
4. The CD Song
5. Belle
6. Society
7. Artifacts of the Monastery

“Artifacts of the Monastery” is a new offering. It is the only song on the album that feature’s the band more familiar chainsaw buzz guitar licks. The song revolves around the “acceptance of death”, very much in line with Bowie’s angst filled swan song “Lazarus”.

This compilation includes “Indecisive ways”, “Social Distancing”, “The CD Song” and “Belle”. All are familiar fan favourites that address the more contemporary concerns of our time. This spans the eclectic gamut of the Covid 19 pandemic, sexual inadequacy, and stalker porn.

Recorded before an appreciative and enthusiastic live audience, the band encompasses a more subtle, relaxed acoustic personification of their normally manic electric shows. Izzy’s trademark Brit influence lead vocals flows effortlessly over the band’s signature hooks and thumping rhythm patterns. Unsurprisingly, the acoustic nature of the gig allows the band to perform their greatest hits in a more relaxed, even subdued manner which highlights Izzy’s lead vocals in some songs and entirely changes the feel in others.

“WAM PRESENTS – IZZY ROCKS LIVE UNPLUGGED” is available on all music sharing platforms. Check it out!