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Thread: Cymbal Gear Recommendations ~$800

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    Cymbal Gear Recommendations ~$800

    I am planning to upgrade from stock cymbals. Looking to buy a new cymbal pack around $800 or less.

    I play Pop, Rock and Metal.

    I am considering the following packs
    Paiste Pst8 uni set ($707) 14HH, 16C, 18C, 20R
    Zildjian A Rock Pack ($690) 14HH,17C,19C,20R
    MEINL Classic Customs Dark ($739) 14HH,16C,18C,20R
    MEINL Classic Customs Medium ($769) 14HH,16C,18C,20R
    Sabian XSR ($769) 14HH,16C,20R
    Istanbul Agop Xist Cymbal Pack ($760) 14HH,16C,20R

    Which of these would you recommend? Would love to hear your opinion.


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    Re: Cymbal Gear Recommendations ~$800

    go for the zildjian pack
    Yamaha Beatspot should've left one last box, go get it bro! its worth every single penny

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