Aloha from Singapore,

As requested by many of our students, they will learn this sweet & soothing instrumental song by a wonderful Korean pianist, Yiruma, for our upcoming Intermediate Ukulele Online Course.

Here's "River Flows in You" that I just learned and arranged it for solo ukulele :

Some fun video from our previous batch :

The good news is there will be a new Intermediate Online Ukulele Course where you can learn various topic about ukulele (sometimes about melody variation, sometimes about solo playing, etc) in fun & inspiring class!

Intermediate Ukulele Zoom Online Class :
12 meetings @1.5 hrs
22 May - 7 August 2021
Saturdays 3-4.30pm (Singapore Time)

Prerequisite :
Participant needs to have understood "Solfege" concept and be able to play it in C major and F major scales (as this course is designed to sharpen your ukulele skill).

This round we'll be sharing about :
1. River Flows in You
It's a very soothing & sweet instrumental tune that you'll enjoy it on ukulele (and'll enjoy your own solo chord-melody playing soon)

2. Pachelbel Canon
It's a famous classical tune that usually people play in a wedding. You'll learn it as solo piece too.

3. That's What Friends Are For
It's a very sweet & meaningful song. In this time you'll learn the melody variation and practice your rhythm with some backing track. It's like karaoke time, but you "sing" it through your ukulele's gonna be pretty therapeutic 😉

All meetings will be recorded exclusively for the class to review.
Class size : 10-30 pax

For registration :
For SG residents (transferable via paynow/paylah, I'll dm you my mobile's number) :
SGD 285/pax or SGD 550/2 pax
For International Participants (transferable via PayPal to ) :
Same rate as above but with additional USD 5 or SGD 7 per transfer for PayPal International Fee

Share this with your friends and see you in our fun class. I'll see you ZOOM!