I see a lot of familiar people on here from Carousell but I am trying to clear out some gear. Please either contact me here or take a look at that other site for details @nicbsg.

I will negotiate for anyone looking at buying multiple pedals.


TRex Mudhoney v1 $130
EM Drive clone $50
JoyoEQ Pedal $30
TRex Fat Shuga boost $120
Hotone Reverb $50
ToneCity Model M $100
Danelectro Big Spender Rotary Speaker sim $80
Demon Fuzz $100
NUX Roctary Leslie sim $80
Lovepedal SuperSic Tone $100
Petty John Pettydrive $200
Fulltone PlimSoul $100
Third Man Bumble Buzz $250
Malekko Fetish drive/fuzz $80
Toadworks Mad Dog Fuzz $80

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